Month: November 2018

PM Modi’s statement on Ram temple

PM Modi’s statement on Ram temple; morning news Addressing a rally in Rajasthan, PM Modi also made a big statement about the Ram temple. This statement came at a time when there is lot of discussion in the country regarding Ram temple and politics has been heated on Ram temple.  In the meanwhile, PM Modi […]

World’s Biggest five hindus temples

 FIVE BIGGEST HINDU TEMPLE  5. Belur Math FIFTH BIGGEST HINDI TEMPLE It is the fifth largest Hindu temple in the world which is located in Kolkata. It is a beautiful temple which was founded by Swami Vivekananda. 4. Thilai Nataraja Temple FOURTH BIGGEST HINDI TEMPLE This temple is located in the city of Chidambaram in Tamil […]

The US has killed 2700 Pakistanis.

The US has killed 2700 Pakistanis. In Pakistan, 2700+ people killed by us drone. Since 2004, a total of 409 drone attacks have been carried out, out of which 2,714 people have been killed. 728 people have been injured in these attacks. Tell me, the top leadership of Tehrik-e-Pakistan was killed in a similar drone […]


Demonetization 10 big advantages!               Trend-Now-Topics Demonetization has been completed two years today, in the first two years from today, the currency of one thousand and five hundred notes was closed overnight.  Today we talk about 10 biggest advantages of demonetization The biggest advantage of Demonetization is the owners of the mobile […]