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In public, he has to make them a government. You remember the Karnataka elections did not become the majority of the BJP, but the government was unable to make the same kind of claim that it wants to play in the same way. All the adulterers of the Maha Garhbendhana government and once again claim […]

Muslims pray on the road during Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow

Only the votes of the Muslims are getting the Congress, it seems that Rahul’s rallies will not have any such year in which Congress has not abused the Hindus. The saffron terrorism, the Hindu terrorism is the thought of the Congress, it is common for Congress to refuse to Hindus to woo Muslim. Do something […]

Mosques will look at ‘Tax’ this country’s start.

Germany has come forward to establish ‘mosque tax’ with the intention of restraining terrorism. The purpose of the mosque taxation is to reduce the dependence on foreign funding to Islamic institutions. Discussion of taxation of mosques is going on in Germany and it will be implemented soon. The Federal Government of Germany is watching it […]