4 times faster than the Hindus are  growing on the world see,  here is a proof

Friends, you are a fate which has been born in a great India. This is the country where Hindu,  Sikh & Buddhism religion were born, but we will give the right information in this article don’t worryiskcon banglore

 Why Hinduism does not spread rapidly in India, the reason is secularism

The British also did not get anything worse to Hindus to worship by ruling Hindu Sanatan Dharma country for 200 years and you would be surprised to know that the highest number of adoption of Hindu religion now britishers, which is the same Englishman who ruled India for 200 years.
But after the independence of India, the government of secularism came and gave Muslims to the end of the Hindus to show their secularism such as killing the Hindus in Kashmir and remembering the rape of Hindu siblings, this was the secularism government at the time,
Friends, this is the reason that Hindus were weakened. whereas Christian and Islam’s countries have the highest number of people who adopt Hindu Sanatan Dharma, if you not believe, then see the view of Krishna Iskcon temple situated abroad. Today foreigners There are more than 10,000 temples worldwide.

And all these temples were built by the foreign devotees.

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