Baba Ramdev's Patanjali SIM market is getting hit!

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali SIM in market is getting hit!

Baba Ramdev has launched his new Patanjali sim Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in the Indian market, whose full name is Patanjali Swadeshi Samridhi SIM Card. Under which if you buy any of the same through Patanjali SIM card then 10% will be available. So let us know how to take Patanjali SIM card and what to do to get it.

PATANJALI SIM DISCOUNT OFFERBaba Ramdev's Patanjali SIM market is getting hit!

To get Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Sim card, all you have to do is take a membership which is the membership of ₹ 2. Let us tell you that this is being asked to take this membership which is so that you Baba Ramdev promised that Patanjali Sim The user will be given a discount of 10% on purchasing any Patanjali product for which this membership has to be taken and by taking the same Merchant card, you will get the BSNL store And go there at this membership rape show you’ll find SIM from there and plan that is charged separately

PATANJALI SIM 144 PLANBaba Ramdev's Patanjali SIM market is getting hit!

Patanjali SIM card scheme has entered into telecom sector in partnership with Indian Telecom Corporation Limited (BSNL). Baba Ramdev has announced an indigenous SIM card on BSNL network in a single program and has also introduced a new BSNL Patanjali scheme of Rs. 144. But for a few days, SIM cards will be available only for Patanjali employees and office bearers, but later, it will also be launched for the public.
From the coming BSNL Patanjali scheme of Rs 144, it gives users unlimited voice calls, in any Mumbai and Delhi circles, without any limit for any network in the country, 100 SMS for 2 GB data and 30 days validity. BSNL has launched three plans for Patanjali SIM card, the second plan is valid for 180 days with a validity of Rs 792 and for the validity of the third 365 days at Rs 1584. In Patanjali’s plans, data and calling facility will remain the same.

PATANJALI SIM WITH INSURANCEBaba Ramdev's Patanjali SIM market is getting hit!

2.5 lakh Accidental insurance with Patanjali’s SIM card and Life Insurance up to Rs 5 lakh will be given free. Baba Ram Dev said that people can take their SIM card from anywhere in 5 lakh stores of BSNL. If you are an employee in Patanjali, you can immediately take a SIM card. Baba Ram Dev has typed with BSNL because BSNL is an indigenous network. This SIM card will be run as a trial for the time being and later it will be launched all over the country soon.


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