The unique step was taken by Pakistan to take 400 Hindu temples

hindu pakistani
hindu pakistani

The All-Pakistan Hindu Rights Movement conducted a survey across the country and the result surprised everyone. The survey found that there were 428 Hindu temples at the time of partition and out of them, 408 temples were transformed into toys, restaurants, government offices and schools after 1990.

Big action on Hindu temples in Pak
The federal government of Pakistan has decided to reopen the Hindu temples across the country. The minority Hindu had long been demanding that their places of worship be restored to them.

Encroachment was done on Hindu temples

hindu pakistani

When most Hindus left Pakistan during Partition, many temples were encroached upon by encroachment. Even the temple land was occupied. Many temple complexes were being used as a general facility and some became madrassas.

According to the news published in the magazine, now the Pakistan government wants to rebuild the temples and give them to the Hindu community. The government has decided to restore 400 temples back to Hindu citizens of Pakistan. The process will start with two historic temples in Sialkot and Peshawar.

Changes in Hindu temples in Pak

hindu pakistani

There is a Jagannath temple in Sialkot and it is preparing to restore the thousand year old pagoda Teja Singh in Peshawar. It is believed that this move of Pakistan is to please the Indian government, there is no doubt that the arrival of the BJP has increased the hope of the Hindus.

hindu pakistani

According to a recent government estimate, at least 11 temples in Sindh, four in Punjab, three in Balochistan and two in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were operating in 2019.

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