Congress has not left any area untouched in the scam: Modi

Congress has not left any area untouched in the scam: Modi

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In his speech in Bharatpur, PM Modi said that the Congress has not left the untouched in the scam even in the sky, water, and water anywhere. At the same time, he said that there were 12 lakh crore scams in the Congress regime. In the Congress regime, forest rank of soldiers was not given due consideration for forest pension, but BJP government implemented it with priority. At which cost of eleven thousand rupees was spent.

 With this, Modi said that the way in which Congress has overthrown Congress in many states including UP, this should be something new this time. Modi said that by pressing the lotus buttons in the election, the Congress should be excluded from it so that there is continuous development.

Modi addressed the people and called the agitation. He said that Congress only exercises vote bank politics while we work for generals and people to work for superannuation.Modi said that there will be such a person who is not proud of this, but the Congress has done a dirty move on the surgical strike. . With this, the Prime Minister also counted the achievements and welfare schemes of his government.

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