If Pakistan does not return our pilot, it would have been ‘murder night’: Modi

PM Modi appealed, “It is the duty of the people of my home state that take care of the son of the earth, give me all the 26 seats in Gujarat. My government will come back to power, but if Gujarat does not give 26 seats to the BJP, on May 23 the TV will be discussed why this happened. In a public meeting organized in Patan, Modi said that whether or not the prime minister is in the chair, but he has decided that either he will be alive or the terrorist will survive.

Addressing an election rally in Patan in his home state of Gujarat, he targeted NCP leader Sharad Pawar and said that if Pawar does not know what his next move will be, then how will Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan know what he will do.

Narendra Modi also mentioned the Kumbh Mela during the public meeting. He said, ‘Cleanliness of Kumbha was discussed in America too. After that, when I went there, I washed the feet of the cleaners. ‘

Modi said on Sunday that he had warned Pakistan that if he did not return the Indian Air Force’s pilot congratulations to Vardhman, he would have to face extremely dangerous consequences. He said that if Pakistan did not return to Indian pilot, then it would be ‘night of murder’.


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