Mosques will look at ‘Tax’ this country’s start.

Germany has come forward to establish ‘mosque tax’ with the intention of restraining terrorism. The purpose of the mosque taxation is to reduce the dependence on foreign funding to Islamic institutions. Discussion of taxation of mosques is going on in Germany and it will be implemented soon. The Federal Government of Germany is watching it as a possible step against terrorism. This step is being considered as an effective way of preventing terrorism and avoiding the effect of Islamic ideology, so the whole world has taken its eyes.

According to an estimate, more than 50 million Muslims in Germany live Most of these are from Turkey and Arab countries. Arabic-Islamic Union of the Institute for Rebellion operates 900 mosques in Germany. This organization is under Turkish President Recip Typ Erdogan.

Just like in Germany, many European countries like Sweden, Italy and Austria are preparing to take ‘Masjid Tax’


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