raajkr86 June 7, 2019

This incident happened in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh, not Kashmir and Bengal where Jajmou Chungi was started, and the prayer was started by tents on the highway. Long queues of Ramakti from the Ramadevi intersection to Unnao and Prayagraj highway, along with many kms of vehicles on the Bhaini and Hamirpur road.

Ambulance is also hanging jam

An ambulance trapped in the jam on a slightly more flyover from Chungi was also hanging, in which there was a patient whose life was also in danger. But nobody had any pity.
Hazardous weather

School children and women were in worse condition in the hot summer. Daughters of the children were yearning to heat. People began to move out of the jeep to get out of the jam.
Tented on the highway

The crowd put tents on the highway to read Namaz. After this, when the police tried to explain, the crowd also made a stone attack. There was a lot of chaos on all sides and the police had to make a lot of effort to control them.

When the patient dies, will you get the jam open?

An ambulance was also trapped in the jam, whose family members were repeatedly making an attempt to open the door. A young man said, ‘Inspector, are you wearing bangles in your hands when the patient dies, will you get the jam open? After this, the other policemen, including the inspector, started arguing with him. After that, the relatives who were in the lap took the patient to Nasir Hospital in Jajmu, which saved his life.

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