What is your relation with Muslims, such a reply from PM Modi

 ahead of the Lok Sabha election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given another interview. In an interview given to a private channel, the Prime Minister has spoken openly from the Gandhi family to the Ram temple and the Muslims.

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked what is the relationship with Hindustan Muslims? The PM replied, “When the Sachar Committee report came and he asked me what Modi did for the Muslims, my answer was, I did nothing for the Muslims and I would not do anything. I did not do anything for the Hindus, nor would I. I have done a lot for the Gujaratis and I will continue to do it. ‘

PM further said, whatever plans I have run after becoming the Prime Minister, is for the countrymen, not only for Hindus or just Muslims. When I say that by 2022 every family in the country will have a permanent house, then I am talking to every family, not some classes.

The rulers of the country should be free from these separatist ideas. The country should look at unity as a unit and should move forward. That’s why my plans are going on with the development of this mantra with everyone.

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