The bjp candidate, Nirhua’s road show, was in the limelight on Monday due to crowds and stones, while supporters waiting for hours after the cancellation of the public meeting held in the SKP Ground area late night in the city area fiercely created a ruckus. Break the chairs in the ground and disperse them. Somehow the police calm the matter.


On Monday, BJP candidate Dinesh Lal Yadav meant that after the road show in Nirohua, three assembly seats had to be held in the city’s SKP Ground but the meeting was filled with the crowd at two o’clock in the afternoon, but due to the overwhelming crowd in the road show But BJP candidate approached around seven o’clock in the evening for about seven hours from the scheduled time,

so the angry mob showed anger for this reason.
Fear of BJP leaders, closed sound system
Given the code of conduct, BJP leaders shut down the sound system. Due to the code of conduct, Nirahua reached the stage with the leaders and greeted the supporters and announced the cancellation of the House. As soon as the public meeting was canceled, supporters sitting in the ground started a ruckus, which resulted in a ruckus at the public meeting for some time. Angry people broke hundreds of chairs at the public meeting. The police present on the spot somehow calm people but there is news of heavy casualties.

Nirahua hindustani

Due to the huge crowd, the supporters of the Nirahua massacre of the BJP have broken chairs and rumors

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