raajkr86 May 25, 2019

Pakistan, who has a negative intention for India, does something like that so that he knows about his wishes.

Hate is spread by the citizens of Pakistan many times for India and Indians. Many Indian jawans have become martyred because Pakistan has become a stronghold of terror.

A video on social media is becoming increasingly viral, in which a Pakistani woman burns the national flag of India, the Tricolor.

In a viral video, Pakistani women first talk about India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She says, “What do you think Modi will do to pieces of your country. There will be many pieces of India. Nagaland, Kashmir will be free. What do you talk about Kashmir?

“After saying this, the woman crushes the national flag of India with the feet of her tricolour and says that its apex is in the steps. After this, the lady raises the flag in her hand and says, “All I want to say is that if our country is nonsense on the flag of Pakistan ….” Even after this, women use many controversial words for India.

The woman who created anti-India video is keeping her thoughts like a terrorist in front of everyone. Even after the video has surfaced no action has been taken from Pakistan.

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