Muslims pray on the road during Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow

Only the votes of the Muslims are getting the Congress, it seems that Rahul’s rallies will not have any such year in which Congress has not abused the Hindus.

The saffron terrorism, the Hindu terrorism is the thought of the Congress, it is common for Congress to refuse to Hindus to woo Muslim.

Do something like that Rahul Gandhi and Shatrudhana Cena got a different view during the road show of the Railways. Actually, a huge proportion of Muslim supporters reached Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow. And in the excitement of his arrival, Muslims started praying in Patna’s streets only.

At the same time, many Muslim workers coming to the rally were seen breaking their fast on the road. People of Muslim society were seen reading the rituals on the road.

That is why the traffic remained completely blocked from 6 pm to 9 pm in Nala Road in Patna. It shows that the love and love of Muslims towards Congress is so huge.

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